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Get to a customer service rep at the touch of a button. Because you've already verified who you are by signing into the mobile app, have a customer service agent know who you are and what account you are calling about. Ready to solve your problem quickly.

This was a project enhancement for the existing Wells Fargo mobile app. I was the CX Lead and led the design team(s) that included in-house visual designers and a content strategist as well as supervising and leading the work with an outside agency. I created prototypes for phones and tablets to run through usability testing (conducted by an internal research team). Such a simple looking project has many touch-points; with call centers, IVR software and development challenges. Also, there is a larger internal design team to work with as there are many contextual items depending on the account type to consider as well as get leadership approval of the functionality addition. As well as ensuring that it worked well with a global redesign effort. To get it done I worked with and product and project teams, developers and QA from from design to usability testing through implementation.

Services provided:

  • Design team leadership

  • Time and effort sizing and project estimation

  • Wire-framing

  • Tappable prototype creation

Client: Cintas

Credits: Ryan Partnership, Apptitude

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Design and prototyping of iPad app for Cintas allowing for customization of uniforms and uniform programs.
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Wells Fargo Mobile Banking

Challenge: Expedite solving customers problems when using the Wells Fargo Mobile Banking app